Hello Courts Clan!

(Although this site does allow blogging, it likely will not be used for that, given the “Courts Stuff” Facebook group page works really well for that.)

Would you like to help with this site?

WordPress sites are relatively easy to understand and manage. Even if you have never done any coding, if you would like to help create and maintain this site I will be glad to tutor you. IM me on Facebook:

If you would like to help, but don’t want to get involved with the web site, send the genealogy of your family segment with full names and photographs.

The “Theme”

The theme I have chosen is extremely versatile, and has some pizzazz. The “Presentation Page” can have a header of any size, up to five “Slider” pages (one slides in, then is replaced by the next, which is replaced by the next, etc.) and an unlimited number of  rows in the columns. I will appreciate all the ideas you send me about how to use all these features.

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